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Our vision is to enable the natural renewable resources industry adopt a ‘Synchronized Digital solar,and Natural Resources’ information strategy. This supports a dramatic improvement in energy efficiencies, and reliable production to overcome the challenges of fluctuating power amangement and ROI.

A direct current (DC) electric circuit consists of a source of DC electricity—such as a battery—with a conducting wire going from one of the source terminals to a set of electric devices and then back to the other terminal, in a complete circuit. It is used to install on-grid and off-grid solar system, street light, home lighting system and other dc solutions-based system.

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Can you put PV wire in conduit?
Generally, either PV wire or USE-2 wire is used for the array, and is not run inside conduit. USE stands for "underground service entrance". It's not, however, restricted to subterranean applications. Both USE-2 and PV wire can handle high ambient heat.

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What type of cable is used for solar panels?
There are two types of wire commonly used in solar farms: PV wire and USE-2 wire. They can both be used in grounded arrays, but only PV wire can be used in ungrounded ones. PV wire is used for interconnecting PV modules, and was developed to be able to handle 90°C in wet conditions and 105°C in dry conditions.
Do all solar panels have the same connectors?

Solar panel connector types are many:MC4, T4, MC3 only to name a few. Some manufacturers use generics, which are almost always compatible with a mainstream MC4 connector and are easy to identify.

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