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MEET THE CHANGING NEED OF YOUR BUSINESS with Renewable energy Solutions & Services - Solar rooftop system Run the saving power platform for the intelligent home and commericial enterprise on any cloud or on premise to act with live intelligence, modernize for agility and scale cost-effectively.”

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1.Take the right step into the world of Solar Power Solutions with our Hassle-free and Easy Financing Schemes for both Residential Customers as well as SMEs and C&Is. 2. Solar Power means guaranteed savings on your electricity bills and more money to power your business needs.

Calculate the power generation and know Your Savings on the electricity bill***

Sunsolar International deliver Solar Solution “World’s # 1 renewable energy for residential, commercial, industrial & institutional's ”in a way that maximizes impact for business and delivers our resources in the most cost-effective way. Sunsolar International solutions support us in that effort. Get up and running quickly with the right Solar solution for your electricity economy saving and growing business. Our network of global services has the expertise to help you create and deploy the perfect Soalr power solution. You’ll be ready to meet the unique needs of your business in no time. Deploy a system that does everything you need to achieve more.

Solar Photovoltaic

Photovoltaic (PV) systems are used to convert sunlight into electricity. Solar panels, inverters, breakers, and mounting equipment make up a PV system’s main components. Solar panels (modules), the system’s main component, generate power by converting sunlight to direct current electricity. Inverters convert the direct current electricity to alternating current electricity to be used in your home.


Solar energy is the cleanest, most abundant, renewable energy source available to offset residential power consumption. For a homeowner, it provides an effective option to decrease the monthly cost of your electrical bill, including protection against rising rates in the future, and can ultimately reduce your carbon footprint.
Sunsolar International Solar have been right at the forefront, leading the move towards sustainable energy solutions.
It can help you:Investing in rooftop solutions leads to great savings, while protecting the environment. Save and Earn from your idle rooftop space.


Should Know Before Buying a House With Solar Panels

Going solar can lower your home’s carbon emissions and save you money on utility bills, but there are some things you’ll want to know before buying a home with solar panels. Sunsolar International is helping such organizations to realize their Renewable Energy transformation with solar.


The PV system feeds alternating current electricity directly to the house when required, as well as direct current electricity into batteries for later use. This system operates without any connection to the grid and provides a household’s entire electricity needs, eliminating your electric bill.


The PV system feeds alternating current electricity directly to the house when required, as well as the local grid (eg. BC Hydro, Fortis) if needed. Net-metering programs are currently in place that allow any excess electricity generated by the PV system, but not required by the house, to flow back onto the grid to offset any electricity taken from the grid in the past or future. Sunsolar International is helping such organizations to realize their Renewable Energy transformation with solar.

Residential Grid-Tied Solar Electric Solutions

Here are the pros and cons of installing a rooftop solar system ?. In a rooftop solar plant, solar panels are mounted on top of a residential or commercial building

1. Rooftop solar panels are the most common and are mounted on your home and/or garage.
2. Solar panels on your home also provide energy independence for your electric cars; electric vehicle charging can be done from your home’s solar power.
3. When your PV system production exceeds your demand, for instance at night or rainy days, the extra electricity is fed immediately to the grid; the bidirectional meter, provided free by the utility, tracks the exported energy and the utility reconciles credits for usage (net metering), which is reflected on your electric bill.

Rooftop solar system on your mind? Check benefits, cost, and how to apply:

Here are the pros and cons of installing a rooftop solar system.

In the digital age, business leaders must stay on top of new, emerging, and future technologies or risk falling behind. But where do you start? Explore the latest digital trends to determine the best opportunities for your resident & company.

PROS-Cost savings:

It is cheaper than the conventional electric supply and government subsidies also help bring the cost down. Low maintenance charges: Most rooftop solar systems have a life expectancy of up to 25 years and require only basic maintenance such as regular cleaning and repairs. No additional land is required as vacant rooftop space can be utilised for installing solar panels. Reduction in carbon footprint: Solar is a clean and renewable source of energy that helps in cutting the emission of greenhouse gases.

CONS-Cost savings:

Solar panels are not suitable for every type of roof. For instance, it could be difficult to set them up on slate or cedar tiles used in old houses. Since solar is a big financial investment, it may not be an ideal choice for young homeowners who could be moving in the coming years.

To sustain business in a competitive environment, it is imperative to run every day operations with well-defined processes and systems. Our rooftop based solar services allow companies to fine-tune and better existing processes to achieve maximum business efficiency. We help companies to implement Renewable energy solutions & technologies to achieve business excellence. With our process know-how, domain experience, in-house tools and templates, we provide world-class Solar implementations services. Our Solar implementation specialists have years of deep-dive module-level experience and have helped companies of varied background to realize the holistic value of SOLAR ENERGY. We offer a comprehensive range of Solar solution installation, implementation & support services for creating unique solutions that meet specific business needs and that support efforts to optimize processes, increase speed-to-market, improve quality, and reduce risk.

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SOLAR AUTOMATION & Upgrade Services


What happens at night if you have solar panels?
Solar panels fill your battery with energy from the sun. So, you have electricity stored for future use. With this stored solar energy, your battery provides power throughout the night.

Let me introduce you to the incredible benefits that Professional Services industry solution can offer to a business that you are managing. Sunsolar International Professional Services industry solution built on Solar Energy is a powerful business solution that enables companies to:
Increase productivity and resource utilization
Increase operational efficiency by automating processes and workflows
Improve visibility across enterprise operations
Deliver projects within the defined time and budget
Increase marketing effectiveness to support sales objective
Gain insights that can highlight how customers are responding to post and campaigns
Provide personalized services to customers across various channels anytime, anywhere
Leverage business intelligence to take smart decisions

Prior to any solar electric installation, Sunsolar International Solution provides a detailed and comprehensive solar site assessment, which includes:

Unlock new levels of COST SAVING & performance across your Organisation

Simplify decisions and automate business processes.
Automate accounts receivable and accounts payable with continuously-improving processes based on artificial intelligence
Replenish stocks with intelligent, demand-driven automation
Make better decisions, faster, with real-time predictive insights for every employee
Gain a clear picture of your entire business with simplified and automated group-wide financial close Accurate measurements are taken of your roof or ground space including locations of plumbing stacks, chimneys, skylights, attic vents, etc. Shading analysis from proposed location for solar (sometimes several points need to be analyzed to determine the best location); this data is used to provide accurate energy production estimates. Discussion with homeowner to determine route of cable from site of solar electric array to location of inverter/mains panel. 3D Modelling software is used to generate a graphic of what your property will look like with a solar system

PM-KUSUM SCHEME: Taking the flagship Government program to farmers in the country- GOVT. OF INDIA

PM-KUSUM (Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan) Scheme, has been launched by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) for setting up subsidized solar pumps and distributed solar power plants across the country. It is one of the biggest initiatives in the world to provide clean energy to more than 3.5 million farmers across India. On-Demand solution.

Sunsolar International is delighted to be an empanelled agency under the PM-KUSUM scheme to help our Indian farmers with their irrigation needs even in the most remote corners of the country and assure a steady income for them at all times.
How to Buy Pump Purchase Process:-
#Email your documents details at sales@sunsolarinternational.com
#Register as an applicant by clicking on the link with all the required documents such as AADHAAR, Land Documents etc.
#Review the eligibility conditions for the subsidized Pump application
#Pay the Tender Portal Charges along with the Pump Application Fees
#Once you receive the OTP, Submit the OTP Online and select 'Sunsolar International' as your preferred choice
#A Sunsolar International representative will get in touch with you shortly once you select 'Sunsolar International' in the empanelment

Manage a Diverse and Distributed Residential Fleet: On–PPREMISE or On-CLOUD

Sunsolar Solar energycan run On-Premise or On-Cloud. The ERP is efficient for any organization. Now, it can run on Traditional On-Premise environment in which the Net meeting Applicaions Hardware is present within the Server. Secondly, you can also go for Solar Energy On-Demand solution.

Map the future of your energy and cost saving with – Solar rooftop Solutions

Initial Estimate

If high quality satellite images are available, we can provide accurate estimates for system size and energy production for your specific house..

Site Assessment

We execute a site visit to obtain detailed site-specific information required for a solar installation including, detailed roof measurements, electrical capacity of your electrical system, and a shading analysis (if required). For new residential construction, we can design a system from the architectural drawings.

System Design & Quote

We will design a system specific to your roof space, budget, and electricity needs. Rikur Energy provides a design to show your roof’s appearance with solar panels as well as an economic analysis.

Permitting and Grid Connection Application

Sunsolar International takes care of all the permitting required (electrical, building and/or development permits) and the application to inter-connect the system to the grid.

Installation & Commissioning

The Flush Mount system and flat roof Ballast system is installed by our highly trained and experienced installation crews.


Sunsolar International certified -Association of Energy Engineer will help you:

Our Renewable Energy Solution Services are: We modify the way the world’s leading Solar products and operates. concentrate on conveying great products & services. We support mission-critical infrastructure and Solar software applications that pull insights from data to help you better engage with users and customers.."

For Sales Support 24X7 Days: Email: Sales@sunsolarinternational.com

Technology and Innovation

In the digital age, business leaders must stay on top of new, emerging, and future technologies or risk falling behind. But where do you start? Explore the latest digital trends to determine the best opportunities for your company.