Commercial - Solar Power System Solutions For Businesses

Sunsolar International leading in Cloud Transformation Build your business for the future and opportunity to scale, reduce cost, optimize business, speed, flexibility of renewable energy solutions. We’ve designed the solar rooftop panel and services to enable you to sell, service, and innovate by leveraging our products and platforms across the commercial & industries.

Commercial solar power is quickly becoming a mainstay of energy production within multiple industries across India and more and more commercial solar energy systems are popping up, producing electricity from a clean, renewable source. From the panel system to the solar energy inverters, as well as the mounting and installation process, Rikur Energy can help outfit your company with the ideal solar energy system. Our technicians have the expertise to ensure your solar energy system provides you with the appropriate amount of power for your specific commercial needs. We have the insight and the experience to ensure you get the best return on your investment in terms of energy production and solar energy system durability. We make it easy to adapt your current power grid to include your new commercial solar power system, so you can maintain your level of production and/or service while reducing your environmental impact and annual energy costs.

Commercial Solar Solutions and PV Systems

From improving analytics to acting on new opportunities and customer demand, the "SKY & SUN" is the limit with cloud for Solar Energy . Yet many companies struggle to achieve the anticipated value from their cloud initiatives.

Responsible businesses are looking for sustainable alternatives, to reduce their energy costs.

An integrated cloud-by-design strategy, backed by the skills to implement it, is needed to close the gap between aspiration and reality. Sunsolar International’s comprehensive suite of rrenewable energy enterprise solutions are designed to deliver business impact and drive innovation. With thousands of transformations behind us, we’ll work with you to plan and execute your strategy to ensure you get the most out of your cloud.

Solar industrial rooftop solution ensures return on investment by reducing your electricity bills. Sunsolar International Solar's customized rooftop solutions have helped multiple industrial, commercial and institutional customers implement sustainable solar power solutions, thereby reducing their carbon footprint while making sound fiscal sense for them.

Overview of Solar Power in Commercial Industry

We offer a full spectrum of solutions to help companies maximize the benefits of Renewable Energy Soltuions.

In addition to the economic benefits, you will advance your business into a cleaner, brighter future, applying best practices towards your organization’s sustainability goals. Investing in solar energy solutions underpins your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint and reveals to your customers that your business cares about the environment. Using solar power system for your commercial property represents quality, care and operational efficiency and demonstrates a corporate commitment to the planet, a benchmark to set you apart from your competitors.

Cloud strategy for Roofttop

Design your journey using our full suite of services, industry insights and strategies engineered to maximize ROI and performance.

Solar Data on cloud

Drive accelerated migration to the cloud with enhanced data trust and quality

Solar Cloud data security

Protect your cloud footprint with our security services

Solar implementation & migration

Bring industrialized capabilities together with patented tools and automation

Rooftop management & optimization

Manage cloud tools and service providers with automated compliance, monitoring and more.

Building a Cloud-based Solar roofttop data Architecture

Adopting a specific data on cloud road map to meet requirements of security, cost reduction and scalability.

Solar Cloud -native: A new wave of Digital Disruption

Solar Cloud-native is the future of application development, with massive potential for positive business impact.

Simplify your CORPORATE BUSINESS Applications With more Benefits of Using Solar Power for Your Company

There are three stages to the enterprise ENERGY SAVING transformation journey: Rooftop, energy storage, and Cost saving.

Application Transformation Expect more from your cloud – edge-to-cloud platform enables efficient management of distributed energy fleets by providing visibility into the production of different types of hardware.

Benefits of Using Solar Power for Your Company

commercial solar power, you can avoid dealing with those rising costs all together. In addition, connecting your commercial solar energy system to the existing utility grid can actually earn you some credit on your next bills. Our installation includes connection to the utility grid and the meter provided by your utility. You can accurately monitor the amount of energy you produce, as well as the power you use and transfer back to the grid. This makes it easy to track your savings and production accurately, so you can make detailed plans for your company based on fixed energy cost models. In addition to the simplified way your company will be able to produce, use and save energy, a commercial solar power energy system will give you the ability to increase the value of your commercial property. This can be extremely beneficial for commercial property owners, as the market may face a severe downturn in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. You can also benefit from the positive impact the renewable solar energy system will have on your company's image!

Commercial Uses for Solar Power

From embedding safety in the core product design to safe work practices in the installation of industrial solar rooftop, safety is a core value at Sunsolar International Solar and is one of our key differentiators. Start your solar journey with us now, you just need a roof space, where we can set up your green power unit..

Our installation includes connection to the utility grid and the meter provided by your utility. You can accurately monitor the amount of energy you produce, as well as the power you use and transfer back to the grid. This makes it easy to track your savings and production accurately, so you can make detailed plans for your company based on fixed energy cost models.

Commercial Grid-Tied Solar Electric Systems

One of the most common applications for commercial solar energy systems is known as the grid-tie system. We briefly mentioned this system above, as it is among the most common applications for commercial solar panel systems In this system, power is generated by your commercial solar panel pv system and used in any number of ways on site. The excess energy produced each day is then shared with the utility grid, which earns your company credit on your energy bills..

1.Commercial Solar Photovoltaic (PV) modules convert sunlight into direct current (DC) power.
2. The inverter(s) convert DC electricity from the solar array to the AC electricity found in the building
3. The inverter feeds electricity into the electrical distribution system.
4. When your Commercial PV system production exceeds your demand, for instance at night or rainy days, the extra electricity is fed immediately to the grid; the bidirectional meter, provided free by the utility, tracks the exported energy and the utility reconciles credits for usage (net metering), which is reflected on your electric bill.

Backup Power

here are some commercial solar PV energy system grids that are exclusively meant to back up the main power source. This can be particularly beneficial for commercial properties with climate-controlled warehouses. For example, if a power outage occurs at a meatpacking plant, you can expect to lose a lot of inventory if freezers remain shut down for an extended period of time. With a backup solar energy system, you won't have to worry about issues like this ever again..

Off-Grid/Self Consumption

In some cases, it makes more financial sense to consume all the energy you produce with your commercial solar panel system. This is often the case when the price of using energy is higher than the price of selling it back to the grid. You can boost your company's revenue stream by becoming totally reliant on your own power grid while making sure to consume any excess energy, as you are disconnected from the main grid. By investing in solar power, businesses can insulate themselves from rising utility rates and avoid the volatility in the utility markets. By taking the variable nature out of your utility costs, such as eluding seasonal swings in utility rates due to high consumption i.e. summer/winter, it becomes a more accurate fixed expense..

Commercial Solar Power Installation: Step-by-Step

Design and implement your project with the Solar rooftop experts behind hundreds of the world’s most advanced renewable energy initiatives.

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