EPC Solar rooftop enterprise can achieve greater agility, flexibility, control and cost-efficiency in the their SOLAR ROOFTOP operations by working with a services partner. Sunsolar International (SSIPL) provides a wide range of services from business consulting – applying our specialist vertical industry insights to enable business-wide digital transformation – through to multisourcing service integration and managed solar energy services.
We’re constantly exploring the latest trends and sharing enterprise success stories and best practices. Read our latest insights on project, deployment and service management below. You can also visit our renewable energy digital transformation insight pages to find out about ways you can increase customer intimacy and business process efficiency in your industry.

Who are Certified Energy Managers and Benefits for your Solar Projects

A Certified Energy Manager is an individual who optimizes the energy performance of a facility, building, or industrial plant. The CEM is a systems integrator for electrical, mechanical, process, and building infrastructure, analyzing the optimum solutions to reduce energy consumption in a cost-effective approach. CEM’s are often team leaders and help to develop and implement their organizations’ energy management strategies. CEM’s have gained increased recognition within the energy industry and by companies looking to strengthen their competitive position by having responsible energy strategies and sustainable operational practices.

Sunsolar International Certified Association of Energy Engineers-

Excellence Servvice for - Codes and Standards, Energy Accounting and Economics, Energy Audits and Instrumentation, Electrical Power Systems and Motors, HVAC Systems, Industrial Systems, Building Envelope, CHP Systems and Renewable Energy, Fuel Supply and Pricing, Building Automation and Control Systems, Thermal Energy Storage Systems, Lighting Systems, Boiler and Steam Systems, Maintenance and Commissioning, and Energy Savings Performance Contracting and Measurement & Verification.

Map the future your Modern Business of Solar Energy plant performance, Cost Saving -Sunsolar International's

Industry 5.0 is a reality. It’s about Connected systems & Connected devices, IoT, Cloud, Mobile all interacting with home & organisation’s solar enery’s in real time. Supporting Business Growth With Effective On Time, Critical Management Information. Map the future of your business by transitioning into a data-centric manufacturing organisation with solutions from Rooftop, Solar PUMP, Commercial, Industrial, Utility Solutions.

The fast growing utility-scale PV industry in India demands well managed operation & maintenance (O&M) services to keep plant performance at par with the needed expectations as well as applicable regulations. As utilities embrace and rely on solar PV grid-connected plants for both commercial and industrial applications, Tata Power Solar has the capabilities as well as experience in all aspects of solar plant O&M to help deliver optimal power.

Renewable Energy Technology Services

Sunsolar International Solar has unmatched experience in operating and maintaining large utility scale projects and solar rooftops for the last few years. We also offer monitoring of hardware and services, based on the solar-log data logger platform from Net Meeting.

Addressing state-of-the-art technological advances in cogeneration and distributed generation, solar, wind, biomass, and other green, renewable, and alternative energy sources.

We deliver Solar rooftop Solution in a way that maximizes impact for business and delivers our resources in the most cost-effective way. Sunsolar International solutions support us in that effort."

Our services portfolio:Preventive Maintenance

Sunsolar International Solar rootp operation & miantenance services manage your plants, minimizing downtime and increasing site availability, resulting in maximum energy production, revenues and profitability. Our capability and adaptability to enhance our conventional reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance.

1.Regular cleaning of solar panels. 2.Frequent maintenance of thermal-based components. 3.Yearly service of HT side equipment. 4.Diagnostic testing for low power production. 5.Circuit testing & IV curve tracing 6.Thermal imaging 7.Earth value measurement 8.Retro commissioning 9.Data acquisition system check 10.Warranty management

Our services portfolio:Uptime Management

1.Automatic string level visual alarms

2.Real time data collection

3.Monitoring energy production (daily basis)

4.Effective data interpretation

5.Mismatch characterization and Insitu-Banding

6.Solar Resource Management and Prediction

7.PV system monitoring systems

8.Trending and Analytics for continuous improvement

9.Critical and non-critical reactive repairs

10.Spare parts and inventory management