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Sunsolar International Investor Relations

Management Policies

Since its establishment, Sunsolar International Group has maintained a corporate philosophy of “Contributing to society through technology”in our pursuit to become a leading company in the global flavors and fragrances software technology market.
Members of the Sunsolar International Executive Board gave updates on strategy and explained first results and measures of the operational excellence growth program.
Sunsolar International Group is driving “CORPORATE GROWTH RENEWABLE ENERGY” for our centenary, the year 2050, which is a long-term vision of becoming a leading flavors and Technology company in the global market. We will endeavor to establish safe and stable production and supply structure, and to gain trusts of our stakeholders.
We will continue to revise its Technology Management structure and develop a stable supply structure from lessons learned in INDIA and APAC region. We will also actively continue capital investments in overseas markets with high growth rates. For the domestic market, we are adopting net IT Infra Technology in Metro city. We will also continue to optimize the software and datacenter Cloud Technology of our group while taking steps to improve efficiency, safety, and supply capacity.
Taking this internal and external business environment into consideration, it is essential to combine all management resources of Sunsolar International Group and make group-wide efforts to produce creative and innovative value for the year, 2022. We set the new mid-term management plan “One-T” (FY2018-2050), go which is also a slogan for uniting Sunsolar International Group.
Towards the realization of one of our basic management policies “A leading Flavors and solar energy Software managemnt Digital Technology Company in the global market that consistently supplies dependable products,”we will grow continuously by carrying out our plans under the basic policies.

Basic Policies:
1. Customer Satisfaction
Through increase in sales capability, enhanced research and development strengths, comprehensive quality control, and swift and flexible actions, we aim to improve customer satisfaction.
2. Business Growth Strategy
While increasing our market presence and securing stable profits, we aim to enlarge our business foundation and to achieve net sales target.
3. Technological Innovation – Renewable Energy
With the corporate philosophy of emphasis on technology in mind, we strive to create new technologies and products with the great originality and superiority, and to apply their achievements globally.
4. Improvement of Profitability
By optimizing value chain and enhancing business process re-engineering globally, we aim to achieve operating income ratio target of 10.7%.
5. Human Resources Development
We will make the best use of our human resources, develop staff members who will pursue ambitious initiatives in new areas, and provide the environment where our staff member can fulfill their potential globally.
◆We put the concept of “Corporate” in the central pillar of the basic policies above and as a global company we will harmonize rules and improve systems for uniting Sunsolar International Group.

Investor Contact

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