Solar street lighting system uses the photovoltaic technology to convert the sunlight into DC electricity through solar cells and uncertain Future Transformation world

The Solar Street Light is a standalone solar energy system comprising a pole, PV module, a battery bank, and LEDs. During the day, the Solar PV module converts sunlight into electricity which is stored in the connected battery. At night, the stored energy can be used to turn on the light. The number of hours the solar street light will remain functional would depend on the geographical location, sunlight during the day, and other weather conditions.

working environments of solar street lights, and controlling and adjusting solar street lights’ working status according to lighting demand. This system effectively extends the service life of solar street light and efficiently uses solar power to achieve the best lighting effect through the combination of core technologies and satisfaction.

What are the advantages of solar street light?

Solar street lights are water-resistance and weatherproof and have a low glare and low insect attrition rate. The solar panels in these lights convert solar energy into electrical energy that gets stored in the inbuilt battery and is utilized for dusk-to-dawn lighting operations

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How is solar energy transformation used in the street light?

Solar cells in the PV panels of a solar street light convert the heat of the sun (solar energy) to electricity (electrical energy). Afterward, the solar energy is stored in the rechargeable battery. When the dark starts crawling in, solar lights operate using the energy stored in the battery.

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Hybrid lighting systems simultaneously deliver daylight and electric light into the core of a building where they are combined and distributed

Solar-wind Hybrid Street Lights

Solar street lights with is Components and Working Principle

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Solar street lights are effective and efficient light sources in which power is fed with the help of Photo-voltaic Panels.
1.They are generally mounted on the lighting structure.
2.There is a Rechargeable battery, which is charged by photo voltaic panels.
3.Then the charge of that battery is used to powers a fluorescent or Led Lamp during the night.
4.There have sensors, through them solar panels turn on and turn off automatically by sensing outdoor light with the help of light source.
5.designed to work at night.
Components of Solar Street Lights:
1.Solar Panel
2.There are 2 types of solar panel exists : Mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline.
3.The energy consumption rate of LED fixture is at least 50% lower than HPS fixture.
4.There are generally 2 types of batteries used: a) Gel Cell Deep Cycle Battery and b) Lead Acid Battery
A controller is that circuit which decides when to switch on /off charging and lighting.
Strong Poles are required to solar street lights because there are very heavy components are mounted on the top of the pole like . Fixtures, Panels and sometime batteries.
1.The operation cost is not so high.
2.This is a pollution free source of producing Electricity.
3.NO external wires are used. so chances of occurrence of accidents are minimized.
4.The parts of of this system are easy to carried. so remote access is applicable
5.Less maintenance.
6.Lightning at nights.

The starting setup cost is high. Risk of theft is also higher. Rechargeable batteries are required to be changed many times. Not works in cloudy and rainy days. Snow and moisture effects its working.

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