Sunsolar International offer-Renewable Lead Acid Battery Solutions

With the above considerations in mind, the key component of an off-grid power system is the main battery inverter-charger often referred to as a multi-mode inverter as they can usually operate in both off-grid or on-grid modes.. .

Lead Acid Batteries are affordable, convenient, and they work for a variety of battery-powered applications. At present, they are the most common form of solar battery storage on the market. Many people are using lead acid batteries with solar panel arrangements to eliminate the need to be connected to a traditional electricity grid.

Off-Grid Battery Options-Lead-Acid & Lithium-Ion Batteries

Batteries that have lithium as their anode is called lithium batteries. The charge moves from anode to cathode during discharge and cathode to anode during charging.
Lead Acid Batteries are scalable to meet small, as well as large-capacity requirements. The battery plates are manufactured using superior-quality raw materials and proprietary additives. High strength tubular plates are manufactured for durability. High tensile acid resistant bags are used for firm holding of active material. At present, we’re one of the top Lead Acid Battery manufacturers in India.

Types of Battery Inverter-Chargers and Off-Grid Inverter-Chargers

Over the last few years lithium-ion battery systems have become extremely popular due to their high round trip efficiency (92% to 98%), compact size, lightweight and scalability. In contrast, lead-acid battery banks have a fixed size or capacity whereas lithium systems do not suffer this limitation.
high-performance lead-acid batteries are still an excellent choice for off-grid systems. Lead-acid is a well-proven and reliable technology that is compatible with virtually all off-grid inverters and solar charge controllers. Lead-acid battery banks can also be more reliable in some situations as the battery will not automatically shut down in extreme temperatures or when a low state of charge is reached. In addition, they can be easily recycled using existing infrastructure.

Renewable Lead Acid Battery:
1.Better battery life
2.Improved heat dissipation
3.Reduced charging resistance
4.Assembled using state-of-the-art machineries
5.Optimally balanced in duration of backup and cycle life
7.Extended battery life
8.Convenient charging

Selecting the best battery is difficult due to the many system types or configurations available, each with different performance characteristics. Another layer of complexity is the compatibility issue - many lithium batteries are designed to work with a specific type of hybrid inverter.

Off-Grid Solar System

Off-Grid Solar System -Inverters

: The 5 Main Parts Of An Off-Grid System

1.Battery Inverter/charger or Multi-mode hybrid inverter
2.Solar inverter (AC) or MPPT Solar charge controllers (DC)
3.Battery Bank
4.Solar Panel
5.Generator (Optional)

High Efficiency

Lithium batteries offer reliable, stable, long-lasting power. Their energy density is higher, which means they have high power capacity. This high energy density enables its usage in devices that have high power requirements like laptops and mobile phones.